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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That's Not Godly

As I was studying and researching today, I came across this post by Jed Brewer. Most of us have no idea what a Godly relationship looks like; if we are not careful we can create idols with out own concepts.

Jed's thoughts are simple and very pure. So I am sharing them click the title below and find a wonderful starting point to follow Christ from.  It is a very quick read, he was asked a question and answered it - please take a moment to click the link and read what he took the time to share.

What Does A Godly Relationship Look Like

Peace to All,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

You Are Free To Go Now

The information is being posted on Emerge today, instead of JKB because this is most specific to mature Christians.  It is directed to encourage those of us in leadership or Christian support roles.  However, we all are all asked to be a witness, which in and of itself is a supportive Christian role.  

We have been studying the difference between the new child of God and the childish Christian. I am sure it is no accident that the required reading I am immersed in at present gave me fresh perspective to add to the subject.  While reading Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, which I would highly recommend to any leader,   the section on accountability was very well stated.  Paul David Tripp is the author and while what I am posting is not directly his words, I cannot take the credit because his thoughts are woven in and through out.

He stated the reasoning for supporting growing Christians through loving accountability is to ensure new motive, new purposes and new goals are reached.  He also stated what I call stepping stones of what the journey might look like: guide, teach, encourage, warn, convict, and strengthen them.  These things we must allow the Lord to be holding us accountable for as well, or we will act out of His character toward them.

God tells us the truth and is willing to enable every letter of it to transpire in our life. At the point of our awareness He can go no further unless we are willing to BE convicted, forgive others so we will have a space for the forgiveness He is extending.  If we are, He will restore us and reconcile relationships out from Him.  We must realize outside of Him and us, they must also allow Him to convict, forgive and restore them. We automatically will be reconciled together, because He is in them and we are in Him, making us unified.

Tripp also talked about God's pursuit of accountability, and how we do it a bit differently. Again, this is based on his word, not exact: The accountability of God is not like a private detective; although He does see everything.  He is not there to be our conscience; although His truth convicts our heart and minds.  He is not hovering over us forcing us to obey Him; although there are natural uncomfortable, even possibly fatal consequences to our disobedience.  Nor does He chase us down to capture us and drag us back; yet He never leaves us or stops attempting to protect us all along the way.

Without accountability we all can feel comforted by simply discussing and accepting that we need to change; but never actually achieve change unless we find a benefit or comfort from it.  Without accountability we can become trapped in talking about our changes because we NEED someone to show us how to do what we cannot yet understand; sometimes we have no idea what practical directions to go in and lose energy on our own.

People who are childish, rebellious, selfish or whatever we would like to label it, can go through much of the journey because it is working for them.  They are receiving encouragement, praise and the much needed relief from exposure of less than desirable behaviours.  The real test of spiritual growth is when something comes along and collides with what they want; what fruit blossoms? If they are rebuked or warned, due to proper accountability, will they blast you, pout, throw all their toys down and go home? Or will they humble themselves under the mighty wing of His care: rest, enabling power, courage to continue toward righteousness.

We must remember they are free to go and we must allow them to wander away, if that is their choice.  If they return and desire to do things differently and keep moving forward, make sure you have stayed with Him as well.  God will not stop with any of us until He is full immerced in every single moment of our lives and relationships.  Why? Because we call ourselves Christians and His honor is at stake.

As believers we can depend on the interpretation of the Holy Spirit to iron out any distortions. But what about those who can't perceive His truth and have nothing like Him in front of their eyes?  This is why He cares.Most of the time, if we were to be honest, we don't really care enough.  We do not really think it is our responsibility, after all they can go to church or read a bible.  Most of the time we act as though it is an obtrusion to getting where and what WE want.

God rebukes and warns us for not caring about what He cares about.  He calls us unbelieving and childishly irresponsible; because after all the only business we have living on earth is to reach others once we know.  If it is just too much of an effort for us to continually live accounted for then He also says "opt out" and I will stop.  If we opt out, then honestly we were never really in.  Those folks will think I am taking this a bit too far, but these are not my words - they are His.

God convicted me, I turned and have been rebuked, forgiven and taught many times over.  The only hope we have of having a different life, world and future for others is to stop allowing the deterioration starting within ourselves.  If we move differently then everything around us must make room for it or move out.  That is how God ordained it.

Every second you move you can give room to His force or give up the ghost so to speak.  If it is just too great a price to pay for lack of momentary comfort then lay down and let it keep you down yet another day. God gives us new mercies every morning and gives us a space to reveal His honor.  We will either honor Him or honor our self.  Those are the only two choices.  I don't know about you but I am no different than most people and there is nothing THAT spectacular about me that I should be honored.  I am not an honorable person, being above reproach in all my ways - but I am righteous, because of the One I honor and He thinks that is glorious.

May we abide in the Spirit so we will not fulfill the desires of our weak humanity - There is no glory in that, in fact it is plain common ground.

For other posts relating to this topic click the links below.  Also read the book of Galatians in the New Testament.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Protecting Your Heart as You Pray

It is wonderful that we have the collection of situations compiled in God's written word to show us how He thinks, what He desires and many of His warnings.  We know that Joseph correctly "ran" from a snare, we know that Lot and his family were told to flee.  Lot's wife turned back and was turned to a pillar of salt.  We also know that David was told to "run" toward a battle, Joshua was told to instruct everyone to stay but instead of fighting with weapons to use the actions of their feet and releasing their breath, blowing trumpets and shouting.  We also know that Christ is with us showing us what we individually are to do when called to fight the good fight.  Do question is do you believe it.....I mean REALLY believe that?

If so, and He has called you to be what I refer to as a bended warrior, a warrior on your knees, then utilize this prayer in prose to protect your heart as you faithfully kneel in the gap for the one He is trying desperately to save.  This is His promise to anyone given the grace to be his lost sheep security blanket: 
James 5: 19, 20 (NAS)
My brethren, if any among you strays from the truth, and one turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.

My Sad Heart Sings

My sad heart sings, for His promises I believe
My faith hold firm joy, which I know the morning brings
Grief for the loss, as my wailing pours out
I pity his place, though I know his days are safe

My God this is hard, even with all I know
My experience is not large, compared to his need
I know you use all things, to accomplish his good
But for now my heart is breaking, as I feel his despair
Through anger and vengeance his wrath is felt

These burdens you bore, as it ripped off your flesh
But I too feel torn from the pressure and hate
Protect my heart with your hand, for it heals all these things
So that I may speak boldly, withholding no good thing
I denounce all other power, except for your name
Nothing else is eternal, your love binds to uphold
I pray that he seek you, your counsel in full
To see all things clearly: that he is adored,
In Christ there is no condemnation…no guilt or shame

I request satan be bound from him, and he protected by your grace
Have mercy upon him; what he sees is a lie
Pierce him deeply to usher in your light
In you there is no shifting shadow only angels to take charge
All good things you offer so that his mind may transform
I beseech you dear Father, this is my request:
To love him and save him, to prosper him in all ways
If I am a hindrance, remove me this day
His life is too precious and I am already saved
In Christ, through the Holy Spirit, my faith knows this is done
To God be all the glory for the mighty things he has done
~by Candace Huffmaster
    ©2011 All Rights Reserved

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Freedom and Boundaries

This is very relevant to the staff meeting yesterday - thought I would post it and share.  It is by Os Hillman.  If you would like to study this more, go to the main site ( and look up the archives on Genesis or God's story being told -
Kisses, Candace

"And the LORD God commanded the man, 'You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die'" (Gen 2:16-17).

Everyone needs the gift of freedom and boundaries in their work to succeed. God set up the ultimate work environment in the Garden of Eden. He gave Adam and Eve responsibility to manage the animals, the agriculture and every activity. He gave them specific instructions as to how things were to be done but gave liberty of expression for fulfilling their tasks.

He also told them what was off limits. They could not eat from the tree of good and evil because He knew it would be bad for them. He was not trying to withhold from them; He was trying to protect them.

If you are a manager it is your responsibility to clearly define the job responsibilities of those under your care. They should know clearly what the freedoms and the boundaries are in carrying out their duties. They should be given adequate freedoms with authority to enforce their decisions that will impact whether they can be successful or not.

Once freedoms and boundaries are established, this allows a healthy accountability to take place between management and worker. Both can have healthy expectations of each other.

Do you have a clearly defined job description with measurable goals outlined? Are your freedom and boundaries clearly defined so you know what you can and cannot do within the scope of your job? If not, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Today, evaluate your job function and make sure you have clearly defined expectations and the way in which you are expected to accomplish your tasks.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Moment, Another Thought, Another Day... and on it Goes

Conversations with my Dad
journal entry

Good Morning Dad - Christ - Holy Spirit.... you are so______ I don't have a word Dad so I will move to my knees at your throne.

When I talk to you, sometimes I feel like I am ignoring Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But I know you are one. I don't want to get caught up in this thought - but I am curious???? If you desire, whenever you desire would you enlighten me please. 

Daddy, I need time with you. I am so very vulnerable - okay...I heard you "No, I am not vulnerable because you and you alone keep me from vulnerability!"

Today would you like to tell them anything? Me anything?

Listen - be still.....
My presence is in you - around you
sustaining you, submerging you, merging us
whether you "emotionalize" it or not - that is what you have to know - believe - trust

Whether you feel it or not - it is, because I AM
and we are one; always in all ways
No matter what is going on, what you receive, have or do not have
I AM with you and you are not vulnerable!
But... you have to Believe
At this point if you can not believe without the manifestation of seeing it, then you will never see it
The test is "what you set your hope on"

If your hope is in a place, activity, thing or person - when you do not obtain that goal or object as you desired / or perceived it should be, your hope goes away.

However, if your hope is in me alone and you do not obtain what ever the secondary hope was - your hope will not be affected because it was only a bonus.

I only hold back I do not stop your hope from appearing - but you must some times be enlightened through the test as to what your "true" hope is on - so that when you are in trouble you will not fear and cast away your hope - which has a great recompense and reward. "Let not your heart be troubled" "The truth shall set you free" "What the Lord sets free is free indeed"

The reward is to hear "well done my good and faithful servant" and to know you have grown.

When that is enough for you - you are truly maturing into your image of Christ, your head.

Does that make sense?

"Share your experiences with each other, then others will know I care - I AM real and Be Freed!"
Okay~I will for you Lord

There is a story to be told....................

It is the story of what we believe
The faith of the cloud of the witnesses
Our life as one with the King

He has reigned since the beginning
He will reign for all eternity

Each day we weave our stories
through the moments of unending time
the thread of hope will not unravel
the blanket it quilts is LOVE

Journey with me and the others
tell us the moments of your life
Be One with us and the Father
Be a brother a sister to life

Walk the steps of those before us
Reach deep to be touched by their lives
Now take your hand to touch others
Walk with them till they see

How great is His love for them
How Deeply He Desires us to Be Free.

With a Deep, Honest, Passionate and Freely given Love in Him who uphold all things one breath at a time -
To Each Of You,


© 2006 All Rights Reserved by Candace Huffmaster

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be the Beauty in the Midst of Chaos

Making His Mark With Beauty
KB, Inc’s world-wide motto is alive

Hip, Hip Hooray! Now our organization is seeing beauty emerge all around the world. When we changed our "slogan" from Loving Who You Were Divinely Created To BE to Reaching Through Chaos, Seeing True Beauty Emerge we did not quiet understand why - because we knew the first one was correct. However, we had to believe in what God saw beneath the chaos in order to find the faith which enabled our perseverance to help others not only see what we saw, but believe in it.

As we began telling women and children that they were desired, loved and had a reason to not be afraid, we saw them embrace the " idea" of hope. But as we stuck by them~ encouraging them to believe that even as God forsaken as life can feel at times, there are always lovely moments too; we noticed they were actually reaching out to grab onto that hope and tucking it away to protect it. But the day we understood with His understanding was when we saw His "beauty mark". It was the day that all the pieces collided to perfectly mesh. For the first time I know I saw the elusive Kaleidoscope Butterfly. Although it was one moment it was also many and there will be many more. Because as we are walking and relating to these lovely individuals God is revealing precious details which are transforming their minds to see that they, themselves, need to BE BEAUTY in this world of chaos.

We are witness to the fact that there is not a more beautiful sight than His hand reaching through their chaos to share in very real ways.

Our work is simple but true:

We believe True Beauty is as a seed planted within you, tenderly tucked into a deep, dark space. Alone with such dreams of grandeur, restlessly squirming, simply dying to be released! It truly believes there is something much larger and unique it is to be. It feels it could bestow beauty and goodness upon an unaesthetic world. “Just as the butterfly is always within the caterpillar – so too your beauty is fighting to take flight and ride the breeze. You are a kaleidoscope butterfly, a vision foreseen in the mind of the Great Divine. He delights in what you have to offer. He created you to rise above and be seen. So flutter your jagged, shattered pieces in His sunlight. His hand merges all our shapes in His time. To Him we are not missing or broken we are His Delight and perfect in His sight.

We make our request known and know it is His will:

Do not look with your eyes to perceive reality. Do not allow this world to diminish what He sees. Push through the weight trying to hold and bury you. Stand tall in His continence, mercy and grace. Reach up and out with your arms wide. Turn your face to be set on the sun. Allow your bud to blossom. Be open for all to see and embrace. Release the joy in your heart for their pleasure. Allow it to pour out, free. Keep it flowing till the scent of it rises - as a fragrant offering of what you believe all heaven can now see.

So allow us to encourage you "BE the Beauty in chaos no one can stop you – honest!"

With the Love of our Christ,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Passing The Test - By Os Hillman

The Lord has torn the kingdom out of your hands and given it to one of your neighbors - to David. - 1 Samuel 28:17b

When God anoints a person, a pattern of testing appears to take place at specific times in the leader's life. God often takes each leader through four major tests to determine if that person will achieve God's ultimate call on his or her life. The person's response to these tests is the deciding factor in whether they can advance to the next level of responsibility in God's Kingdom.

Control - Control is one of the first tests. Saul spent most of his time as king trying to prevent others from getting what he had. Saul never got to the place with God in which he was a grateful recipient of God's goodness to him. Saul was a religious controller. This control led to disobedience and ultimately being rejected by God because Saul no longer was a vessel God could use.

Bitterness - Every major character in the Bible was hurt by another person at one time or another. Jesus was hurt deeply when Judas, a trusted follower, betrayed Him. Despite knowing this was going to happen, Jesus responded by washing Judas' feet. Every anointed leader will have a Judas experience at one time or another. God watches us to see how we will respond to this test. Will we take up an offense? Will we retaliate? It is one of the most difficult tests to pass.

Power - Power is the opposite of servanthood. Jesus had all authority in Heaven and earth, so satan tempted Jesus at the top of the mountain to use His power to remove Himself from a difficult circumstance. How will we use the power and influence God has entrusted to us? Do we seek to gain more power? There is a common phrase in the investment community, "He who has the gold rules." Jesus modeled the opposite. He was the ultimate servant leader.

Greed - This is a difficult one. Money has the ability to have great influence for either good or bad. When it is a focus in our life, it becomes a tool of destruction. When it is a by-product, it can become a great blessing. Many leaders started out well - only to be derailed once prosperity became a part of their life. There are thousands who can blossom spiritually in adversity; only a few can thrive spiritually under prosperity.

As leaders, we must be aware when we are being tested. You can be confident that each one of these tests will be thrown your way if God calls you for His purposes. Will you pass these tests? Ask for God's grace today to walk through these tests victoriously.

~Go to our main web page and click on the TGIF for more devotions and information on Os's organization.